For several years, De Vene has been providing a specially developed, cooled display cradle for deceased babies.

This cradle also supports water display. De Vene has developed a system that cools the water used in water display throughout the baby’s repose. In a water display, the (prematurely) born baby can be placed in a small water basin. Being surrounded by water helps preserve the often still underdeveloped skin, allowing for a longer and more dignified farewell. The water display also mimics the environment of the mother’s womb.

The unique set can also be used for full-term babies. In this case, the thermo acrylic basin can be removed, and the baby can be displayed directly on the cooling plate. We provide a comprehensive guide for adjusting the temperature as needed. It is even possible to display a full-term baby in water. Some maternity wards use this method.

The display cradle can be used for the following purposes:

  • Water display for deceased premature babies
  • Water display for deceased full-term babies
  • Display of deceased full-term babies on the cooling plate

    The cooling system is built into the furniture and is not visible, except for the cooling plate. The complete unit is mobile and can be moved to the mother’s room to stand beside the bed. The cradle has compartments for keepsakes or toys and is fully equipped like a regular cradle, with a canopy. You or your department can choose the color of the furniture and the fabrics based on our samples. Naturally, the furniture is hygienically cleanable and fully CE certified.